How Skin Rejuvenation Works?

Laser skin rejuvenation uses laser technology to reduce the presence of wrinkles, by generating low-level heat in your skin without affecting the skin surface. The heat produced by this laser helps collagen production which will cause your skin to tighten and present a healthy and youthful glow.

Non-ablative LED lasers distribute mild heat into your skin through thousands of deep, tiny columns known as microthermal treatment zones adjacent to the healthy skin. This approach allows the skin to heal much faster. It reduces the recovery period and lessens the complications which may occur. Multiple sessions are necessary in most cases.

Laser skin rejuvenation is used to improve the appearance of skin conditions such as: Enlarged Pores/Age Spots Wrinkles

For sun lovers, it’s safe to assume there is some sun damage from more than a few trips to the beach or pool side. Laser skin rejuvenation uses the power of Cryo Sheer technology to reverse the results of too much sun. Reduction or removal of unsightly blemishes is what Laser skin rejuvenation does!